Bill Amount Issue

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Re: Bill Amount Issue

Post by TikonaCare » May 19th, 2020, 5:26 pm

Dear Subscriber,

Greetings from Tikona.

Kindly note, the issue reported by you has been resolved successfully.

Now you can register Technical complaints on 18002094276 / My Tikona App and for commercial you can register complaints through My Tikona APP, Chat (login page) & forum.

Tikona Care


Bill Amount Issue

Post by 1121190271 » May 11th, 2020, 11:40 am

hello Tikona,

My regular bill period is from 26-MM to 25-MM. In the month of March, I had paid the bill of Rs. 883.82/- for usage period 26-Feb to 25-Mar.
Few days later I requested for plan change to TURBO_Q2 get more GBs per month and the new plan got activated from 31-March. As per this plan, the total amount was around 2522.36/- for three months which I paid on 31-march. What it means is that I don't need to pay any amount for the next three months. Later there was continuous SMS and emails mentioning I have to still pay 294.94/-. May be I thought this was the amount for the period of usage from 25-Mar to 31-Mar (for 6 days) for which I had to pay. Religiously I paid this amount online on 04-May-2020.
Now yesterday I received another bill (Bill account number 133006970) for usage period 26-Mar to 25-April, mentioning that I have to pay 1933.48/- and the due date is 11-May (that is today).
I can't understand what Tikona is doing. Or fooling the customers with blowing up the bills. Effectively, Since the time of changing plan, Tikona is billing me 2522.36 (paid)+294.94 (paid)+1933.48 (not yet paid) = 4750.78/-

What sort of non-sense billing is this ?. Yesterday I raised a complaint via the app but so far no update. Are there any genius mathematicians sitting in Tikona who can show me clearly the break-up of the charges with explanation, since the time I changed the plan ? This is URGENT. Don't give false reason that due to COVID you are working with less staff. For your type of business anybody can work from home and resolve customer issues quickly. additionally your customer care number never gets connected. Infact automatically disconnects. Very disgusting.

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