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Re: Cancel my subscription

Post by TikonaCare » May 19th, 2020, 5:32 pm

This doesn't seem to be the experience we’d like you to have. Please share your 10 digit Customer ID so that our team can reach out to you with a resolution at the earliest. We'll ensure that you receive the best service from Tikona.


Cancel my subscription

Post by Praneel » May 13th, 2020, 4:50 pm

Hello Tikona Team,

I am having to request this at multiple places however, there is no place where I can register this request. Can you cancel my connection? Your TFN 1860 3000 3434 is a hoax and never gets connected, and same is the situation of the hotline displayed on your website: 3945 3434. I had also called 1800 209 4276 and there is no one responding. I have sent emails and there is no response! Looks like entire TIKONA has gone offline! Even with COVID there are companies who are talking to customers to solve their emergencies and Tikona has gone faceless and voiceless and left it to automated emails and digital platforms to respond to customers.

Please have someone look into this.

Against last year you're charging me almost 2X for the yearly plan. Last year I was retained and I never said I wanted this connection and I was retained with annual fee of 2826.5 and this year it's more than 4.1K+ for yearly plan.

I received request to pay the amount and in order to continue I asked for speed increase which you didn't extend to my connection and beyond that you charge higher charges than last year.

Please cancel my connection? I have been receiving messages for late payment and from your collections teams. I have been sending emails to customercare email address but no response from there either.


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