Regarding False commitment and cheating by Tikona sales representative and Manager

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Regarding False commitment and cheating by Tikona sales representative and Manager

Post by 1126062718 » May 21st, 2020, 9:47 pm

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to inform you that I,the Duly Undersigned,Raviraj Deb ,Have been vehemently cheated and miscommunicated on a day to day basis .My user ID is 1126062718. I have attached a payment receipt of Rs 10377 which i have done on the 9th of May for a 25 MBPS Connection. Then the chronology of despicable events happened as follows given below:-

1) On 11th May , A local representative living in Kopar Gaon dombivli west had come for the initial installation without consulting the individual Manoj Salve with whom am i coordinating. When i went with him to the building terrace an eureka movement arrived and the person said that the machine which is there wont support more than 10 MBPS!!! How can i be promised a 25MBPS Connection for which i have paid upfront wont be able to support!! How can this be not known to Manoj Salve who was the sales guy.He very well said that we would give the said connection speed to you without any issues on the same.Then the malady of events which followed was even more frustrating and ridiculous.

2) From 11th May onwards each and every day Manoj salve along with him seniors i assume carved a highly creative story to postpone my problem which arose. The story started with Manoj Claiming that as there is a 10 MBPS Supporting machine at the top of the building he would DISCUSS WITH HIS ENGINEERS AND SENIORS what could be sorted out!!! Then he successfully fooled me with this WORK IN PROGRESS DISCUSSION STORY for 3 days and poor me i kept on believing his self righteousness .Then after 4-5 days he comes up with a plan offering me 10 mbps connection for the meanwhile and as and when from bhiwandi the machine for the 25mbps supporting thing comes then would upgrade me. At this point of time after 5 days i was really desperate for a connection and hence agreed although in hindsight i should have never agreed to and asked for a refund that time itself.

12) But still i persisted and kept on following Manoj on the progress for the connection which he used to somehow manage and not answer my calls sometimes saying the wire which was scheduled to arrive didnt arrive , the router is stuck somewhere and it went on and on and on like this for some time( Actually i have not lost count of this never ending saga by Manoj) .Then he very confidently told me that he has sent for a new email id and phone number of me for a 10 mbps connection and this WORK IN PROGRESS is still on and Now when i call up His Reporting Manager Mr.Shivkant Pande who himself sounds the HIGH AND MIGHTY staying in LUTYENS DELHI saying he has 25 people reporting to him and even doesnt have the courtesy how to handle a cheated and miscommunicated customer and on the TOP OF IT Threatens ME to email the same for the refund!! OH MY GOD !! WHAT AUDACITY!!

So i hope i have made my malady very clear and am seriously disappointed with Tikona (Actually i couldnt find a term more disappointing than disappointing itself or i would have used it)

I would like to request whomsoever reads this communication would respond to me without any further delay and KINDLY REFUND MY AMOUNT OF RS 10377 to my ICICI Bank account of 003601527070 by tomorrow only as i cant handle this mental trauma any more.

Thanks & Regards

A Cheated , Miscommunicated and Mislead Would have been Customer

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