Appreciation for Field Technician

Thank you for your Appreciation
Chetan Manjeshwar

Appreciation for Field Technician

Post by Chetan Manjeshwar » May 28th, 2020, 6:45 pm

Hi Team,

Would just like to say a huge thanks to the field technician, Ganesh Naravane who visited me today on 28th May. My society didn't allow him inside due to COVID restrictions but he was very patient and helped me out.

He took time out later in the afternoon to help me troubleshoot via a video call. His step by step process to diagnose the issue was super helpful. He further guided me to the exact issue and helped me fix it ! All of this help was provided by him - and it makes it even more precious as he prioritized to help me out in spite of it being his family time and with his baby calling him to play.

Your approach to provide compassionate care and help us during these times is very much valued and appreciated.

It has helped me get back to work and focus on my job.

Thank you very much, Ganesh !

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