Feedback for MR. Akhilesh Bharti

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Re: Feedback for MR. Akhilesh Bharti

Post by 1124695291 » June 21st, 2020, 12:38 pm

Dear Sir, Looking forward for your help on 1124695291

its a prepaid account and i have paid Rs 3500 for 6month for 40mbps line since the month of Feb.
I am not getting the internet speed i have paid for and there is frequent internet disconnection.
I have raised multiple queries with tikona over email as phone numbers are not reachable. there is similar copy paste response from Tikona.
The problem is there for last 2 months and my plan is paid till Aug month,
I request you to get my refund for 4 months as the connection is not usable for me, and tikona is not taking any interest in solving the problem. If they would hv intended, the problem would hv been resoloved in past 2 months also there is no direct appraoch to escalate or talk to respresentative.

Even though the issue is known to Tikona team, the engineer also do not visit to solve the problem Please help me getting refund for 4 months

Ritu Singhania

Feedback for MR. Akhilesh Bharti

Post by Ritu Singhania » June 19th, 2020, 3:22 pm

I have been using services of a lot of companies. Have come across a lot of people but I think this is the first time I am writing about someone as I feel he deserves it.
Mr. Akhilesh Bharti Knows how to serve his clients keeping them comfortable and also getting the work done according to the companies policies. He has proven again that distance doesn’t matter as being in Mumbai he has assisted me here in Kolkata like in person. So Tikona if you are reading this do keep a hold of him as you would not want to miss out on this asset.

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